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Blue Door offers home staging, home redesign services, and small event planning.           Contact us today!



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Meet The Owners

Sherri Balentine Tipton


Terri Holster Welch



Our Story

Blue Door Staging and Redesign started in the imaginative minds of two little fourth graders who became best friends three years earlier. We met in the first grade at Bradford Elementary in San Angelo, Texas back in 1968. We have remained the greatest of friends for over 50 years. One of us was going to conquer the world, and one of us was going to save it. Respectively, Sherri became a real estate/banking lawyer and has practiced for 33 years and Terri a kindergarten teacher for 34 years. One thing that has defined our relationship is our love of shopping. Starting in the fourth grade we began regularly riding the bus downtown to spend the day shopping at department stores and five-and-dime shops. We would dream of decorating our rooms and designing our clothes and one day owning our own store. Our love of shopping has taken us on many trips to San Antonio, Dallas and now regularly New York City. Decor and design are our other passions. We love estate sales, garage sales and any other place where we can find items to refurbish and make beautiful. In this stage of our careers and lives, we want to use our creativity and God given talents to bring joy to others.  We do free-lance staging, color consultation, home-redesigns and home decor. We staged/decorated a home for the 2019 Parade of Homes. Faith is important in our lives and we will strive to bring glory to God in this adventure and in all things.


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